Get Involved

Other ways to help the charity

If you are not able to Host a child yourself, there are still various other ways in which you can help our Link.

Become a support helper

Supporters/helpers are on stand-by during the children’s visit and help out with a range of activities:

  • help with transport on outings for those Hosts who have part time commitments;
  • assist with looking after the hosts own children, for example on a group outing, or whilst the host takes the visiting children to the dentist;
  • help with practical jobs, such as shopping;
  • help with the preparations for specific events.

General support to the link

People who support the Link but are not able to host or support during the visit of the children:

  • help with the meetings of the host family group and the Link Committee in the run up to the children’s arrival;
  • help with event planning;
  • donate essential items needed for the children during their stay;
  • help with Fundraising events;
  • donate raffle prizes: such as unwanted gifts or homemade items that can be utilised as raffle prizes to help us raise funds.

Do you speak Russian?

If you speak Russian you could give some of your time to translate short letters. Host Parents/Families write to the visiting children’s parents in advance of the visits to tell them about where their children will be staying. It must be very daunting to send such young children such a long way without knowing much about the destination, but these parents do so as they – like any other parent – will want the best for their children.

Time donation

We are always on the look out for anyone willing to support the operation of our shop in Clowne. We are open three days of the week. The shop is our main source of income and is the front line of support in making these visits possible. If you can offer one day per week, one day per month or you can contribute items for sale we would be extremely grateful to receive the support!

Give us your ideas!

We are always open to suggestions on how to raise funds and raise awareness. This is not a “one off” project so we need to keep continuity for the future.

If you have experience with fundraising, or know of a venue that be used by us to reach our goals, please get in touch.

Support our work financially

Every Charity needs financial support, although so many people are chasing the same “Charity Pound”. However, if we can get a small amount from a lot of people, this will go a long way towards our needs. It costs about £400 per child for air fares and a total cost of around £1000 per child, per visit. Included in this cost is insurance, a contribution towards the Leader/Interpreter’s honorarium and the costs of outings whilst in the UK.

Many organisations and businesses kindly allow us free entry or organise free events, but other activities or items must be paid for. Anyone wishing to contribute towards the flight or visits or sponsor the complete visit for a child is extremely welcome.

Please also note that financial donations to Charities are tax deductible!

Support our work in-kind

If you are not able to support financially, we also have a list of items that the children need during their visit and you could support us by providing items ‘in kind’. Per child we need:

  • new underwear, toothbrush and toothpaste, vitamins (one year’s supply of vitamins to return home with), (second hand) clothes (including coats, pyjamas, dressing gown, swimming costume and party clothes);
  • shoes, slippers, trainers;
  • good quality (second hand) toys. Please do not provide books as the Russian language has a totally different alphabet. Also, we should not provide toys that require expensive batteries as the children may not be able to replace them when they get home;
  • booster seats.