Lush Nottingham

What a Lush donation!

Even though the girls in this picture obviously like shopping, this shopping trip into Nottingham blew any expectations out of the water! On a trip into Lush to obtain some self-pampering items, one conversation lead to another and before our girls knew it, the amazing staff at Lush were completely on board with our project and wanted to know more and more.

After a conversation explaining what we do each year and the reasons why we do it, Kelly and Ellie, the staff at Lush made some notes and said they would be in touch. Only a few days later we were asked to go back and collect goodie bags with some Lush products as gifts for the charity! Inside each goodie bag is almost £20 worth of lush soaps and products for each child - around £300 in total! An amazing gift which will save money for both the charity and the kind member families who arehosting children this summer.

The picture shows our two wonderful hosts with the freshly received goodie bags for the visiting children.

Simple and wonderful generosity

It is so touching that an overheard conversation can turn into such a beautiful supportive act for our charity. The members of staff at Lush in Nottingham felt strongly – even after such a short conversation - that they wanted to provide much needed support in a very fitting manner. We are truly grateful! It is fantastic that a large business such as Lush cares to help, and it is equally fantastic that their staff cared enough to make this happen.

Thanks Lush Nottingham!