Summer Visit Week 1

Update 1

It begins

The children have arrived safely from Belarus and have been connected with their respective host families. The children and host families are settling down to what will be their new normal for the next few weeks. We have a lovely and energetic group of host families this year.

Our children have had a good start to their first week, after the usual opening program of light activities over the weekend to allow time to get to know one another and recovery from the journey we started Monday with a visit to Patchings art centre.

The children enjoyed a relaxing first day, which eased them into the program of events we have planned out for them. Patchings planned a day of painting and creativity - inspired by Russian artists - for our children to create their own piece of artwork on a silk canvas to take home with them to Belarus. You can see the results of their work below.

Southwell Minster put on quite a show for us on Tuesday with a number of fun activities. We started with a treasure hunt and then moved on to a session of craftwork and even had the opportunity to play the Minsters truly impressive Organ! After all of this we had play session outside in the grounds of the Minster. Different children reacted differently to each activity, which was really useful for us to analyse the activities each child enjoyed and to help us get to know them!

Sherwood Archers Club invited us for an evening of Archery to complete a full and exciting day in Southwell. The children were split into very small groups, with plenty of rotation and opportunity to shoot and bow. Some of our children were a really good shot! It was amusing the see the children get competitive with each other. The staff seemed to have a lot of fun too and worked really hard to make the session a great success. For a cherry on top, the weather held out and it was really warm evening!

We would like to offer a massive thank you to staff at Patchings! The volunteers at Southwell Minster and the team at Sherwood Archers Club for a fantastic start to our summer program. We had a blast, we couldn't offer this amazing adventure to our children without you.