Summer Visit Week 3

Update 3

A fond farewell...

It is always very sad when the children must return home, bonds and friendships are built and many are not yet ready for it to end - children and host families alike. We can only hope the memories will last a lifetime, or at least last a childhood and hopefully be a part of the puzzle which helps shape who they chose to grow up in to. We had an absolutely amazing group this year - again children and host families alike.

Before all that, we had a final few days. We hosted a farewell party, which lasted late into the evening. The girls got dressed and glamed up for the party, the boys as usual tried to be smart... It was a lovely evening full of dancing and laughter. Gazza's disco was as ever extremely well recieved by the kids who barely left the dance floor.

We followed that up with a concert on the following day, where the children and host families participated to create a lovely event. Lace City Chorus - of which one of our own host family is a member of - started us off with a number of lovely songs, all the women had lovely voices. The children themselves sang well for a number of songs. We also had some instrumental pieces from other host family members. It was a lovely event.

We hope our children have learnt and enjoyed their summer here in Nottinghamshire. We hope the memories last and the skills they learnt continue to progress. Work hard, play hard and be fruitful with your time and endevours. Keep smiling and bringing joy to yourself and those around you like you did while you were here with us. We'll miss you.

As for the host families. It's been amazing... the next 11 months without you all will be a little duller. I cannot wait for another bunch of children so I get to spend my summer with you all over again. Thank you and thank you again.