A sendoff for our chairman

Bob Crampton

A second fond farewell...

Bob Crampton has been the Chairman of the Newark and Sherwood link of the CCLL for six years. Together with a lot of support from his wife Sue Crampton, they have been instrumental in bringing over 100 children to the UK and continuing our very valued work.

We cannot overstate the magnitude of the task Bob has taken on over the years, often doing a job more suited to three of four people on his own, leading us through an era where help was at times in short supply, he took on a huge burden and spent the first few years of his retirement supporting our work. Please do enjoy your second retirement Bob, you have certainly done your bit, and then some.

The pair - seen on the left and right of the above photograph - have been involved within the charity for over 22 years and played a huge part in many, many more visits of children from Belarus to the United Kingdom. The time and dedication they have put in has been second to non, it just won't quite be the same within their involvment being as it was. Neither will stop being involved entirely however. Sue will remain involved with her role in the organising committee and we'll still be thrilled to see them involved in the visits each year.

Julia and Michael Kininmonth have also stepped down from their roles in the organising committee. They have organised the events program for the children for the previous few years and they shall be sorely missed. We also want to thank Julia and Michael for their outstanding work!

In place of Bob, Julia and Michael new faces have arose to ensure the amazing work of the CCLL Newark and Sherwood branch continues. Jon Day has stepped up from Vice-Chairman into the role of Chairman. Helen Rushby has stepped up to the role of Vice Chairman and her son Nick Rushby has joined the committee also. We'll always be very open to any offer of support and hope that our members and host families find us approachable. The door is always open to those willing to help with the committee's hard work to ensure these years visits continue.