It begins!

A massive thank you to all the contributions who have got us to this stage

Summer visit 2019 underway!

The Children will arrive tomorrow morning, ready for a busy, action packed and fun three weeks! A lot of hard work and an awful lot of contributions have got us to this stage!

We would like to thank everyone for their efforts and constributions of time, goods and services. The list of thanks is long. The shop staff which volenteer their time year round to bring in the funds which allows us to continue our valued worked. The Committee for their year round time contributions to organise the visit and of of course to our host and support host families for once again committing a large portion of their summer towards our children. Thank you everyone!

The thank you of course goes far beyond thanking everyone who is on the inside of our charity. To make this years program of events possible, a large number of organisations have donated goods or the use of their premisis for free or vastly discounted prices. Southwell Leisure Centre have organised free family passes to be available for the three weeks the children are in the country, to allow both the children and the families they are staying with the access Southwell Leisure Centre for free during this summers events - we want to offer a massive thank you for this amazing gesture! We look forward to spending multiple visits at the swimming pool with you!

We would like to thank Center Parcs, Southwell Lesiure Centre, Opticare Newark, Twin Lakes, Nottingham University David Ross Sports Centre, Hawks of Steele, Notts County Sailing Club, Southwell Fire Station, Southwell Minster, Nottingham Forest Sports Zone, Southwell Lions, Mount Cook Adventure Trust, Brackenhurst College, The Hearty Goodfellow in Southwell, Southwell Archery and last but certainly not least Crookstone Barn for their contributions towards this years events. We look forward to seeing all of you very soon with a troop of excited young children!

The final thanks goes to the organisations which have donated goods towards our childrens visit. Boots and Lush have both provided a huge assortmant of hygiene products for the children to use while they are here and to take home with them. A lovely and generous gift which will save the families we support an awful lot of money. Thank you!