2019 Summer Visit Week 2

Update 6

Back to back adventures to remember!

Center Parcs is always one of the really big hitters in our program. Thank you for your continued support. The children spent 7 hours in the water, the only break to recoup some much needed energy was found while waiting for their turn on one of the slides. It was an exhausting and fun filled day, one the adults enjoyed as much as the children.

No photograps from this event as they cameras are not allowed within the swimming dome. You'll have to take our word on the smiles being ever present.

Mount Cook Adventure Centre was a special day. Five CCLL links from across the Midlands met up - we had over 40 children present from Belarus and Ukraine. An assortment of activities were on offer, Archery Tag, Zip-Wire, Climbing and Bushcraft. The children committed well to the day, some of the had an excellent shot with a bow, others climbed right to the top of the climbing wall, it was a great day!