Ukraine Conflict

Please help support our efforts in Ukraine

Our head office is running a national campaign and raising funds for our work supporting the people of Ukraine in this war. It breaks our hearts that this is neccersary. You can donate by texting to the numbers above - and you can read more here.

CCLL Newark & Sherwood

An introduction to our activities

Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline is a Charity that hosts groups of children from Ukraine and Belarus for joyful and recuperational vacations in the UK. This provides the children with a break from an area that is still experiencing the debilitating effects of the aftermath of the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster from 1986.

We recently just expanded the area we operate within, to include the City of Nottingham and Rushcliffe, you can read more about this here.

The Newark & Sherwood Link works with a school in the village of Malotkavichy in Belarus. We host one group of children each year during the summer, accompanied by an English speaking, certified Leader/Russian Interpreter. We are also starting to support our friends in other ways throughout the year.

Our website contains a wealth of information regarding our work, advertising our work with the aim of encouraging like-minded people to step forward and invest their time towards our goals, to make our cause their own. We would be thrilled to answer any questions you have regarding our work.

Hosting children from Belarus

A summer adventure for everyone

We are always interested in speaking to anyone who can offer a safe, comforting and accommodating home to one or two children during their visit to the UK. If you are interested in learning more about welcoming children in to your home and what the commitment involves, please read on. We undertake a full and active program of activities to ensure our yearly adventure is memorable.

Donations & Sponsorship

Help us continue our valued work

We are carrying out an ambitious amount of work each year, and we are looking to increase our support to the community we support. To aid us in achieving our ambition, we are looking for businesses or individuals to provide us with donations of second hand goods, tech goods, sports equipment and more - or to support us with finacial sponsorship towards the continuation of our projects.


The community our the children are from

If you would like to learn more about the location where our children live in Belarus and why we put so much energy into what we do for them, please take a look.


  • Rock Climbing

    Each year the children get to try activities they do not have access to at home.

  • Sailing

    The children enjoy an afternoon sailing at Nottingham Sailing Club.

  • Fire Station

    The fire station in Southwell is always a big hit with the children!

  • Camp

    The children will spend time at camp, hiking and getting some fresh air.

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Chernobyl Children Lifeline

What is a Chernobyl child?

Founded in 1991 to help the children of Belarus and Ukraine who have been affected by the Chernobyl Nuclear Power plant disaster. The charity is made up of a number of 'Links', local groups of people sharing the same aim. There are now around 70 Links throughout the country, run by volunteers who raise funds to bring groups of children to the UK. It costs about £1000 (including airfare) to bring a child here for a three week respite holiday, and all money raised by the charity goes towards these costs.

The children who visit us are amongst the most deserving children. Many of the children who come to Britain appear normal and healthy, but they are all subjected to the long term effects of levels of radiation that would not be tolerated in the Western World. Their situation is often exacerbated by lack of or cost of medical facilities, contaminated food, poor nutrition, poor living conditions, unemployment and/or low wages, and difficult family circumstances (e.g. alcoholism). Far from every home we enter is uninhabitable or perhaps as dire as you would imagine, but every home is beneath the standards we enjoy, every child deserves this adventure. We only wish we could offer it to more children each year.